Observations of Polarities

Leaning from the “Japanese Calligraphy My Way”:

Through visitations to proverbs which I live with in daily life, I have noticed that some proverbs in fact contradict each other. For example, one proverb says “What happened twice will happen for the third time”, and yet other proverb would say “The truth comes out on the third time”. That made me curious to seek what psychological state these proverbs might have been born under. Or, what kinds of truth in human emotions reflect on the creation of such proverbs.

Through examination and observation of my own emotional traits, I found it fascinating to point out the mutual interdependence of polarities of human ‘feelings’ or ‘thoughts’. In my drawings, words that represent these polarities are visually combined, intertwined and entangled; therefore existing as one united being on the surface of paper.