MIdnight Skinny Dipping

Figuration is my main interest and the format of my portfolio. However, in this group of small pen drawings I broke the subjects down into small parts and segments. That way I could keep more focus on the physical act of drawing; scratching of paper with pen, rather than constantly stopping to pay attention to the accuracy and proportion. The small parts are juxtaposed along with various bits and parts of gathered images from magazines and my own photographs.
These compositions are not pre-constructed, rather they are drawn out intuitively in the middle of the night. I let my pen move freely on the surface of the paper as my mind drifts off. Soon, my mind leaves my physical body and takes a big dip into a large body of water beneath which my thoughts and memories reside. A long cord connects my mind and the physical body safely during my exploration; however, it sometimes gets dangerously tangled up with obstacles and creatures that my mind encounters under the water.